Enabling your purpose to achieve successful results.
Developing your roadmap for execution with impact.
Delivering your value propostion for market differentiation.
Discipline to follow your compass and achieve your desitination. 

Every industry is undergoing significant transformation and change via regulators, competitors, technology, demographics, economics and more. Do you view these challenges as detrimental to your business? or do you view them as growth opportunities?
DiCenso Consulting delivers innovative holistic solutions to capitalize on these opportunites. Possesing more than 30 years of successful senior management experience, knowledge, and expertise to provide thought leadership that has enabled well know national and international companies as well as small entities and divisions to create success.
Holistic Solutions:
- Vision, Strategy, Direction, and Focus
- Critical Thinking/ Market Leadership
- Practice Management/ Business Metrics
- Industry Trend Analysis, Capitalization, Innovation
- Organizational Leadership
- Holistic Financial Wellness Strategies and Solutions
- Regulatory Evolution
- Growth Solutions for Revenues, Assets, and Profits
- Procedural and Substantive Prudence
- Operational excellence
- Fiduciary Risk Mitigation and Management
- Sales, Marketing, Product Development Leadership, Models and       Mentoring
- Service Models
- Team Building and Recruiting
- Mergers and Acquisitions
- Board Membership
 DiCenso Consulting has led such market innovation as:
- Recordkeeping Fee Transparency (1992)
- First fully internet enable recordkeeping platform (1997)
- First online Participant Robo Advice engine via the internet (1997)
- First Outsource Fiduciary Investment Solutions as a 3(21)/ 3(38) via   a Recordkeeping Platform (2003)
- First integrated National/ International Advisory Model delivering     unbiased, fee only Consulting (2007)
- Industries first Knowledge Management Platform delivering               Procedural and Substantive Prudence (2008)
- Outsourced Fiduciary Partnership Platform (2014)

Vision Statement
Partners hire DiCenso Consulting to deliver visions, strategy, direction and focus to enable them to invigorate their business and grow their margins, revenues, and profits geometrically by delivering unique value and industry leadership to their clients.

DiCenso Consulting Delivers...

- Depth and Breadth of industry knowledge, experience,  and expertise across Poviders, TPA's, Advisors,                Broker/Dealers and Technology
- Critical thinking delivered via unique insight from extensive industry experience across Sales, Marketing,            Product Development, Operations, Product Development and Technology
- Expansive network of relationships in every aspect of the industry, both in the U.S. and Internationally
- An expansion of your team as an outsource rescource
- Outside perspective to identify new opportunities and market leadership
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